About Action 2020


About us:

Oakland Public School Action 2020 is an association of parents, students, teachers and residents united in support of our Oakland public schools. We want a school district that makes high-quality education, excellent teachers, and a supportive and healthy student social experience the top priorities for all our students. We want programs and electives to offer the students and parents the choices they want and need in their neighborhood community schools. We want every student to achieve a high school diploma that has academic value and has provided practical life skills and cultural enrichment.


  • Public schools are the cornerstone of our democracy.
  • Taxpayer dollars must go only for our public schools democratically governed by the community they serve.
  • A public school hires public employees who enjoy public service protection, employment stability, and their own elected leaders of their independent unions represent them.
  • A public school has the social responsibility to enroll all students and provide a pathway to success for every one of them.
  • A public school should be part of making good on the promises of class and racial equity, economic justice, and be run in the context of social solidarity.
  • School board directors should responsibly manage our schools with transparency and constant consultations with the community.
  • Functioning neighborhood schools should be not be closed down, consolidated with others, or sold off to developers.

The current school board DOES NOT share this vision of public schools.

  • Outside billionaires meddle in our elections by pouring huge amounts of money into efforts to privatize our public schools.
  • The Oakland Unified School District board currently favors these fake charters that compete with the public schools.
  • The result is poor district services, local school maladministration, school board financial mismanagement, and constant crisis.

The current OUSD board members have not shown themselves to know how to use inclusive and open process. They are not independent of their political friends. In particular, the current school board majority is an ally of the privatization movement that provides them with political and material support, including obscene amounts of campaign money. 

The current OUSD board is dominated by a movement that calls itself “pro-charter” and in favor of “school choice” and provides neither true public charters nor options for our students. The choices are a rat race where parents compete against each other to get their students into schools that are perceived to be better based on standardized test scores. The so-called “charter school movement” uses public money to run unaccountable private schools that are merely a continuation of the voucher system. 

THE BOTTOM LINE: Education should not be an illusion of marketplace “choice” in which parents must compete with each other to get their children “the best deal” by shopping for a school like they shop for a TV set. Oakland students are not best served by a failed system of unaccountable school privatization, complete with fraud, greed, and mismanagement, that has not just undermined democratic governance of their schools, but has created, according to an Alameda County Grand Jury report, an OUSD corrupt culture of “What’s in it for me?” 

Therefore, Action 2020 is committed to support an anti-incumbent slate of pro-public school candidates in districts #1, #3, #5, and #7 in the November 2020 election.

Action 2020 will: 

  • Recruit and/or encourage candidates who share our vision and who are willing to work together as a slate that supports one another and is independent of political, business or nonprofit conflicts of interests and has no ties to, or support from “pro-charter” organizations or their affluent backers.
  • Supplement the four district campaigns with a citywide effort that seeks support and donations from all seven of Oakland’s districts. We will campaign for all four slate candidates together. We will take actions to make sure that every Oakland voter is aware of the choices and consequences of this coming school board race. We will work to inform the public on all the issues involved.
  • Commit to work with our endorsed candidates on a common platform that keeps all of our schools open and all our teachers working with the support that they need. 

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