Action 2020: A Vision for Public Schools

Aug. 18, 2019

The people of Oakland need to reclaim our public schools from the privatizers who now control the School Board and the District.  The Action 2020 Coalition has a clear idea of how this can be done. School Board candidates on this slate pledge to take the following actions:

Primarily, Action 2020 Coalition candidates must pledge to rescind Board Policy 6006, which prioritizes charter and "innovation" schools (the Portfolio District model). They must fight to direct resources towards building a robust system of neighborhood public (community) schools that can serve every Oakland child.

The transformation will take place in three areas: 


 Quality Public Schools

  • Our Community Schools will be lead by the educational professionals at the sites.
  • Our Community Schools will have rigorous and relevant, developmentally appropriate, culturally responsive curriculum selected democratically by teachers.
  • Our Community Schools will be fully funded, safe and supportive environments to work and learn. They will provide a range of services such that students are cared for and have equitable access to high-quality education. They will be stable and sustainable places for teachers to work.
  • Our Community Schools will have small class sizes so all students get individual attention.
  • Our Community Schools will only give state mandated standardized tests and avoid all other standardized tests.
  • Our Community Schools will have fully funded Restorative Justice programs. The OUSD Police Department will be abolished. 


Quality Central Administration

  • Our Community Schools will be fully supported by central district administrative offices. Administrators and other central office employees will be evaluated and held accountable in terms of their direct support for school sites and classroom needs.  
  • Our Community Schools will not be closed.  
  • Our Community Schools will receive a bigger piece of the budgetary pie than administrators.  
  • Our Community School administrators will hire full-time OUSD staff before hiring contractors.  
  • Our Community Schools will have financial accountability to students, teachers, and parents through formal processes including regular audits and public reports.  
  • Our Community Schools will have a more equitable pay structure for administrators, teachers, and other school employees.  


Quality Involvement of Parents and Community Stakeholders

  • Our Community Schools will be directed in part by local School Site Councils. Families will have a voice in crafting the budget and other critical decision-making. 
  • Our Community Schools will have open doors to families and offer multiple ways for families to be active members of the school community.  They will be local centers where families can access a variety of resources and services including on-site registration.  
  • Our Community Schools will offer other avenues of involvement for community stakeholders who are not families. These avenues will be determined in a transparent and democratic way by the school sites. 


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