Understanding Charter Schools: "The Business of Charter Schooling" from The National Education Policy Center

What is the charter school movement, and what is it we're fighting back against?

One starting point to answer that question is this research brief from the The National Education Policy Center, "The Business of Charter Schooling"

Four major policy concerns are identified. In the words of the brief:

  1. A substantial share of public expenditure intended for the delivery of direct educational services to children is being extracted inadvertently or intentionally for personal or business financial gain, creating substantial inefficiencies;
  2. Public assets are being unnecessarily transferred to private hands, at public expense, risking the future provision of “public” education;
  3. Charter school operators are growing highly endogenous, self-serving private entities built on funds derived from lucrative management fees and rent extraction which further compromise the future provision of “public” education; and
  4. Current disclosure requirements make it unlikely that any related legal violations, ethical concerns, or merely bad policies and practices are not realized until clever investigative reporting, whistleblowers or litigation brings them to light. 

Read the full report:

The Business of Charter Schooling: Understanding the Policies that Charter Operators Use for Financial Benefit